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Improve the quality of your engagement data with Lubuto's instant engagement prompts.

How does Lubuto work?

Looking for a more modern way to track employee engagement?

You've found it.

See how Lubuto helps you get the most out of your engagement efforts without leaving Slack.
Add Lubuto to your Slack with just 3 clicks, and then integrate your teams with automated introductions, company-wide announcements, and shared responses
Improve your response rates by connecting directly with employees. Gauge employee sentiment, engagement, or simply have a little fun. The possibilities are endless!
Lubuto organizes automatically organizes employee responses in robust dashboards. And with automated follow ups, you can track results over time- without using Excel.
Integrate with Slack
Set up your account in minutes with our one click add to Slack button. From there, simply select the teammates you want to invite and they'll be prompted to create their account, too.
Share Important Updates
Take your all-company messages to the next level. With Lubuto, you can quickly share video and text updates in a shared channel, and host them in a private, fully customized web portal to reference later.
Introduce New Employees
Work has changed. The rise of distributed and fully remote work environments has made it hard for new employees to feel welcome. That's why we've made it simple- new users are automatically introduced to the team so they can feel right at home.
Get Instant Feedback
Lubuto prompts each user right in Slack so they don't have to block off time to complete a survey. By asking 1-2 pointed questions over time, you'll can valuable insights that you can take action on immediately.
Gauge Employee Sentiment
Stories are a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and creating learning opportunities. Encourage your team to create videos to add to their profiles, and build up their list of experiences so your team can connect, create and innovate together.
Customize Your Questions
Need a rating scale for employee engagement or multi-line text for a more detailed response? No problem.

Lubuto supports a wide variety of question formats to meet your specific needs. Best of all, you have complete control over response visibility.
Automate Response Tracking
It's never been easier to see the impact of your engagement efforts. Automatically track responses over time by setting a question to be asked on a schedule, and compare results right away.
lubuto reporting dashboard
Share Responses Publicly
Want to share some responses publicly? Lubuto helps you communicate shared learnings, advice, and anything else you want publicly with just the tick of a box.
Track Individual Responses
It's hard to remember everything. That's why responses set to Public are shared in your own private, fully customized portal so you can always find that piece of information you're looking for. Private responses are shared with Admins only, and of course anonymous responses stay anonymous.

"The Lubuto platform empowers storytelling and connection which are both fundamentally important to our culture. The platform is easy to use and has enabled us to increase our connection with our team."

- Scott Watters
CEO at LifeChanger
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