Find your team's
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Managing a team distributed between the office and home is hard. Lubuto makes it easy, using Slack to gather your key cultural metrics, which give you actionable insights.

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How does Lubuto work?

Looking for a more modern way to track employee engagement?

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See how Lubuto helps you get the most out of your engagement efforts without leaving Slack.
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Setup & Configuration
  • Get setup in under 3 minutes using the wizard and product tour to create your Team Site online, and integrate with Slack.
  • Import Users from your Slack workspace at any time.
  • As an admin, via the Lubuto app home page, ask your Users questions privately within Slack, or by email.
  • Users can respond to questions within Slack, or via the website.
  • Responses can be optionally kept private, or automatically shared with the team via the configured Slack channel, and via the User's profile online.
  • New Users are introduced to your workspace via the configured channel, once they have answered your initial questions!
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  • View their profile on the Lubuto app home tab.
  • Have their profile published on the web.
  • Access their account on the web from the View / Edit Your Profile buttons on the Lubuto app home tab.
  • Are asked questions via the Lubuto app messages tab, and can respond directly in the app.
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  • Configure Site and Slack features via the settings and administration button on the Lubuto app home tab.
  • Analyze User responses via the Stats Dashboard online
  • Ask new questions by private message, quickly to all Users from the Lubuto app home tab. Responses to questions can be sharable, or kept private.
  • Responses can be gathered as:
    - Single line text
    - Multi-line text
    - Scaled (1-10)
    - Single choice
    - Multiple choice
  • Questions can be asked many times, and responses are analysed and graphed over time via the Stats Dashboard online, to identify cultural trends, changes and shifts within your team.
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Common Channel
  • Assign a common channel for all public workspace broadcasts.
  • Welcome messages are sent to the common channel when a new user answers all your required questions to introduce them to the rest of your team.
  • User messages are sent when a User responds to a question thats sharable.
  • Experience messages are sent when a User shares a personal experience via their web profile.
  • All Users can react to messaging in the common channel with:
    - Thumbs Up
    - "I didn't know this"
    - "I love this"
  • Reactions are graphed on the dashboard so administrators can assess how effective each question has been.
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